Single Leg RDLS

Unilateral work is essential for any Olympic lifter. We’ve all heard of split squats and step-ups, but how about a little variation? Try single leg RDLS.

Program Whores

For those of you who are trying to excel in the sport of CrossFit, you need to have clear cut goals and means to measure your progress in attaining those goals. Train with a purpose, without one you are simply working out. This week on the Brute Shoot we're talking program whores-- what it means to be one and why we recommend against it. The best program that you can be on is one that you whole heartily commit too.

Scaling Up

"You don't need harder workouts, you need to go harder in your workouts" is a phrase Coach Adrian Conway always says. What does this mean exactly?

Military Press from the split position

A great exercise that is commonly ignored in many programs for jerk stability is the military press from the split position.

What if my kids want to compete?

This week coach Con talks CrossFit, his son, and the importance of encouraging kids to learn and play new sports from a young age.
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