Sleeping for performance

Are you RX'ing your workouts or even going 110% in your workouts but still feeling great? Coach Sean from the Active life talks sleeping for performance and why you should not be sacrificing your hours of sleep for more training.

Sotts Press

Sotts press is a great exercise for building stability in the bottom position of the snatch and for building mobility.

When to Band and Ball

You have tried bands to distract joint spaces and you have tried balls to smash muscles, roll muscles, and work on trigger points, but the next day when you come to the gym you need to do it all over again and everything is exactly the same as it was the day before.

Jerk Drives

Many athletes struggle with reaching full extension in the jerk. How many times do you watch an athlete who has a great dip, but then tries to sneak into the split without fully extending? Jerk Drives will fix that really quick.

How to get better at legless rope climbs

You want to get better at pull-ups, muscle ups, and especially rope climbs - but right now you are so far from good at them that even practicing too often makes you too sore to make any progress.
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