We just hit 1MM downloads of the Brute Strength podcast!

Our average podcast is one hour. So that's around 60MM hours of my voice in people's ears. That's insane.

I've been stopped in airports in Dallas, L.A., and Newark, a coffee shop in Chicago, gyms all across the country, etc. Part of me absolutely loves the attention (I'm an extrovert, what can I say), but that's not why I love doing the podcast.

What I love most about the podcast is the tribe that's risen from it. You guys are the shit.

This is not just another fitness podcast. Talking about sets and reps, periodization, calories in and out, isn't really that interesting to me.

  • I love talking about psychology.
  • I love talking about pushing through fear.
  • I love talking about and actually witnessing vulnerability.
  • I love talking about being a better human.

And, most importantly, I LOVE that so many of you have told me that you love the same exact things.

I've gotten hundreds of emails, messages on social media, etc. of people telling me how one of the episodes changed their thinking, their training or even their entire lives.

That's the ultimate goal of the podcast. To help you become the most successful version of yourself, while spreading your courage to others.

When I started this podcast I literally thought I was going to throw up before each one. Your encouragement, critical feedback and interaction have all inspired me to push past that fear and discomfort and continue to get better.

To thank you, we'll be giving away some awesome prizes.

This podcast has been such a bright spot in my life, and I do it all for you.

As my mother always says — thanks a million,
Michael Cazayoux

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  • 6 Months of Brute Programming ($882 value)
  • 1 Free Ticket to any Active Life RX seminar ($499 value)
  • 1 Rogue Barbell (male or female) ($250 Value)
  • Brute Strength Gear ($150 Value)
Total Value: $1,781

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