When to use straps

Straps, another piece of equipment commonly debated and used in the sport of weightlifting. When are they appropriate to use? Even more importantly when are they not appropriate to use?

How to plan your training skeleton pt.1

How you plan your training should depend on what your end goal is. If you are trying to get that beach body, compete at regionals, or whatever it may be you should have a plan and execute it with measurable results. This week on the Knowledge Bomb Nick Fowler talks how to approach making your plan.

High Pulls v. Regular Pulls

In Olympic lifting there are many different types of pulls. The two most popular variations are high pulls vs pulls to the hip. Both pulls start the same by going through the first and second pull, but the high pull continues into the third pull.

Should you be competing?

Should you be signing up for that local competition? What are the benefits and what are the negative impacts that it has on your training? Nick Fowler breaks down whether or not it is the right thing to do and when you should be competing in the training year.

Dynamic vs Static stretching for Olympic lifters

Static stretching has been one seriously hot topic for the past few years. Many mobility experts are moving away from it, but it still has its uses. For example, when you trying to actually lengthen a muscle. There is some grey area here that you must be aware of.
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