Why you don't really want to make it to the CrossFit Games

Everyone wants to be a CrossFit Games athlete, until its time to be a CrossFit Games athlete. There is a lot that goes into making it to the elite level and sometimes the factors that will prevent us from making it are outside of our control. Are you lining up your lifestyle to match your goals? This week we do a quick check on weather or not you are doing everything possible to meet the needs to your end goal.

Squat every day?

Squat every day? This idea has become increasingly popular as squat everyday programs are floating around in the functional fitness community. It is certainly possible to squat every day and it has its benefits, such as rapid and large anabolic responses in the body (getting big fast).

How anthropometrics are effecting your fitness

Last week we made a post about the difference in mechanics for people who have long femurs v. those who have short femurs. This week we revisit the idea and talk about why this become important in our sport and what you need to be able to recognize as an athlete and as a coach

Back Squat: High Bar vs Low Bar

The high bar back squat and low bar back squat discussion has caused much controversy in the functional fitness community. The truth is both of these squats have their place. The differences in the two lifts are technical and cause the two to work on slightly different muscle groups.

Stop saying "Elbows Up" if it's not useful for your athlete

As coaches, one of our duties is to give athletes the knowledge to move properly and more importantly to understand why they need to move that way or why their movement is so important. We've all heard it, "elbows up"-- do we actually know what it means AND do we know if that's what is actually going to help the athlete in their positioning through a movement? Listen in to this weeks Brute Shoot where coach Adrian Conway gives you two things to consider.
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