Scaling Up

"You don't need harder workouts, you need to go harder in your workouts" is a phrase Coach Adrian Conway always says. What does this mean exactly?

Military Press from the split position

A great exercise that is commonly ignored in many programs for jerk stability is the military press from the split position.

What if my kids want to compete?

This week coach Con talks CrossFit, his son, and the importance of encouraging kids to learn and play new sports from a young age.

Jerks with a pause in the dip

This is a great exercise to reinforce correct drive of the jerk. If your athlete struggles with their leg drive or dipping forward, try adding in these to your program. By taking out the immediate transition of the dip to the drive the athlete becomes more aware of their body when driving the weight. The weight can be between 75% and 85% of your best jerk.

Clean Pulls with an eccentric lowering

Pulls are a MUST in any Olympic lifting programming. Clean pulls are so great in the fact that they allow us to go through all the positions of the clean and reach full triple extension at the top. To make this even better, we include an eccentric lowering. The athlete will do a clean pull and then from the top lower the bar back down through all the correct positions slowly. This builds great strength through all of the correct positioning and also creates body awareness through the positions. These can be done around 80-90% of your best clean.
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