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Building a Community

Brute Strength is not just about building individual athletes, but a community of athletes who support, educate, and encourage one another. A community that understands that, as Robert Kennedy said, "only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly", and so routinely invite challenges into their lives as a means of encouraging continued physical, professional, and personal growth.

That is the community we are building. A community whose members are inspired to climb continually higher, because it is not a disgrace to fall, but only to stop climbing entirely.

Keep Climbing...

In the small world I inhabit, that I keep intentionally small, I'm the fucking man (or woman). I only reach for the low hanging fruit: I exclusively train the things I'm good at, and only compete against the people I know I can beat. As far as they know, and as far as I care to, I'm the best around. If my mettle is never tested, and if I'm never put in a position where there is any risk of failure, then there is never any occasion for me or anyone else to think I'm anything less than the legend I claim to be. Honestly, it feels great, as long as no one else aspires to climb any higher, or pressures me to do so. Because what if, from a higher vantage point, they see how much bigger the world is, and how much further to the top there is yet to go? And most importantly, what if I fall? What if I end up being the one looked down on? Never mind how much higher I stand to climb, I'm only concerned with making sure I never fall.

The ego is fed by low hanging fruit, but true Brutes are nourished by the challenge of the climb itself. And the more people you encourage to climb with you, the more hands there are to catch you.

Risk v. Reward

We created this group to encourage the members of our community to continually enlarge their worlds, to climb higher, and to live life out on the "skinny branches", which carries more risk, but promises a lot more reward.

BruteAF is a designation exclusive to people that possess the courage to continually reach for greater personal growth, regardless of their background, age, or circumstances, and in so doing, inspire others to the same.

Earned, Not Bought

There are two ways to earn your way into this group:

  1. Be nominated by a coach or fellow athlete.
  2. Submit an application. Name your goal, describe the challenges ahead, and explain how this group can help you overcome them.


Whether you're a Brute Strength athlete or not, we need you, because any social movement requires a lot of man- and womanpower. We need a lot of voices speaking together so the BruteAF message can be heard above the usual din of the fitness industry.

Let's keep it real, though. Being "jacked", and aesthetically pleasing to the eye doesn't suck (just ask Jake Hutton), and in of themselves are worthwhile goals. Again, this isn't about what your goals are, it's why you're motivated to pursue them, how you go about achieving them, and who you plan to help along the way. Nor should your goals be confined to purely physical pursuits. As mentioned before, BruteAF is about pursuing growth in all facets of life. Take Neil Degrasse Tyson. He's BruteAF. I have no idea what his max deadlift is, or what percentage body fat he's rocking, but the dude has made physics cool and culturally relevant, and inspired a generation of scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs in the process.

So here's what I want you to do. Pick one goal and write it down. Pick a date when you intend to accomplish your goal. Then, get to work, and post your progress on social media, tagging #BruteAF. We'll be checking up on you...

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