episode 119

Staying Focused in the Off-Season and Meditating to Improve Mindset Control with Jason Leydon

This week's guest is Jason Leydon, owner of Crossfit in Milford, CT. Jason is one of the most successful Crossfit coaches of all time — coaching over two dozen games athletes, including teams, individuals, and masters. We dive into specific ways to improve your mindset, how you should approach the off-season, and how you can get the most out of off-season competitions. He offers specific tips for improving self-talk and staying focused all year round and I think you'll come away from our conversation with more than one excellent idea on how you can up your training and your game.  Enjoy the show!


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Topics of discussion:

[:34] The view from Power Monkey Camp

[2:00] Productivity starts with disciplined scheduling and saying "No."

[7:00] Coaching elite athletes means offering guidance and having deep conversations.

[11:52] Focus on what is in your control to see quicker improvement.

[13:24] Jason's tips for greater mindset control

[15:46] Why is meditation so crucial for athletes?

[20:00] "The most contagious thing in the world isn't a positive action — it's a negative thought."

[24:00] What athletes need to be doing — and avoiding — in the off-season

[28:00] How you can tell if you're overtrained

[33:30] Avoid doing this as you're preparing for the opens.

[37:48] Treat competitions as opportunities to learn.

[42:40] Unique challenges and insights from coaching master athletes

[45:30] The perfect training program is the one you actually follow.

[47:06] What this coach has learned from his athletes.

[48:47] Jason is a better person because he's learned to let go of control.

[49:27] Fill-in-the-blanks about BBQ and man-crushes

[52:00] Connecting with Jason



Jason Leydon

Power Monkey Fitness

InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives, by Joe Ehrmann
and Gregory Jordan

Self Coaching 101: Use Your Mind — Don't Let It Use You, by Brooke Castillo

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