episode 42

The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes

Success always starts with failure – however for some, failure is a speed bump while for others it’s a road block. Do you know the right way to react to failure?

In this episode we meet Justin Su’a (@justinsua), Mental Skills Coordinator for the Boston Red Sox. Justin studied Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Utah and has been developing a new breed of athlete ever since. Every day, Justin helps athletes bridge the gap between physical strength and mental strength; teaching them how to overcome adversity, and smile in the face of failure. And now he’s here to do the same for you.

As an athlete, we face a new set of challenges every day. The difference is how we react and adapt to these challenges that will separate us from the pack. If you’ve been struggling to take your game to the next level then maybe the answer isn’t more physical training, but instead mental training. When you reach an elite level, 90% is mental and 10% is physical. You are competing against yourself, not against other athletes. With that being said, it’s time to let the master do his work, enjoy.

Topics of Discussion:

  • [3:57] What is Sport Psychology?
  • [13:15] Growth mindset VS. Fixed mindset – which one are you?
  • [20:15] The power of purpose
  • [22:13] 3 Questions that will help you find your purpose
  • [25:38] Common mental barriers & How to overcome any obstacle
  • [30:07] Building confidence
  • [33:55] “You give power to what you focus on…”
  • [36:45] What are the best doing that others aren’t?
  • [41:20] Claiming ownership
  • [47:17] 3 ways to change your mindset and take control of your thoughts
  • [51:05] Mindfulness, Breathing, Meditation

Books Discussed:

Other links:

HeadSpace – Treat your head right

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