episode 90

Top 5 Skills For Entrepreneurs ft. Cameron Herold

This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I'll be interviewing Cameron Herold. Cameron is one of the best speakers for entrepreneurs, and small & medium sized business owners. He has his own TED talk about raising kids to be entrepreneurs and has been coaching entrepreneurs for 20 years and helping them build their companies. In this episode we will be getting into his vivid vision exercise, 5 skills you need to be an entrepreneur, and the power of focused learning. Be sure to check out some of his books which can help you double your income in three years, links below!

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Topics of discussion:

[8:20] Vivid vision concept

[11:18] Daily accountability partner


[13:30] Focused learning

[17:37] Developing entrepreneurial traits

[19:58] 5 Skills you need to be an entrepreneur

[29:50] The Leader's job



Cameron's TED talk





Meetings Suck

Miracle Morning

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