I'm Adrian Conway

Assistant Director of
Strength & Conditioning, and Coach

Adrian Conway has been coaching athletes by way of strength and conditioning and speed and agility since 2006 and is the only job he has have ever had in his life.

In 2008 just before graduating from Weber State University, Conway was hired as a Performance Coach at BASICS Sports Medicine where he coached individual clients and teams that ranged from soccer, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis and LAX, including 9-year-olds all the way up the collegiate level.

From 2008-2011, Conway led strength and cross training courses at WSU as an adjunct instructor. In 2012, he opened Apex Performance Center, where he trained athletes of all sports and age variants- both team and individual- for sport specific needs.

Conway began coaching part-time at Wasatch CrossFit in 2012, and by 2014, he became the Head Trainer, where he took on the responsibility of writing the programming, developing trainers, and coaching full-time. In 2013, Conway was hired as member of CrossFit HQ L1 staff, where he travels to different training sites to develop upcoming coaches and to spread his knowledge nationwide. Conway's qualifications include USAW, CF-L1, and CF-CPC. Conway played running back at WSU from 2004-2008 and received a BS in Human Performance.

Conway is a very spiritually driven individual. He loves God and the example that his Son set for us to follow. "One of the most fulfilling things I've been blessed to do is be a part of and lead CrossFit Bible Talks, which help combine two of the most passionate things I do in my life." Conway was born in Lewistown, Pa. and currently resides in Centerville, Utah with his beautiful wife, Ashley, and their dog, Jasmine.

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