I'm Nick Sorrel

Head of Gymnastics

  • Age36
  • Experience6 years competitive gymnastics,
    3 years youth gymnastics coaching,
    4 years competitive CrossFit,
    4 years gymnastics coaching for CrossFitters

Nick Sorrel got involved in gymnastics at a young age and trained and competed year round until his junior year of high school. He was engrossed in gymnastics attending countless seminars and training camps and competing at the state and regional levels. In high school and college he held positions as a gymnastics coach at several gyms, learning from very experienced and highly regarded coaches.

Nick graduated from Louisiana State University with a BS in Biology and then went on to medical school at LSU in New Orleans. He trained to be an Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon at the University of Texas at Houston and now is a practicing ENT in Thibodaux, Louisiana. He discovered CrossFit in 2011 and became immediately involved in competitive CrossFit and coaching gymnastics classes at his box. In his first year entering the CrossFit open, he placed 20th in the South Central Region, making it to the Regionals in 2012. He attributes this almost entirely to the advantage of his background as a gymnast. Since then he has become very passionate about the idea of using his gymnastics experience and knowledge to help others excel in CrossFit competition by optimizing their gymnastics strength and skill.

Sorrel is a CrossFit Level One Trainer, has led multiple gymnastics seminars for CrossFitters, and has four years of experience programming for and coaching gymnastics for CrossFitters. He is currently owner and head coach at Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit.

Over 40 unbroken strict HSPU, 30 muscle ups with 20# weight vest in under 6 minutes, Nate: 20+6, Dianne: 2:22, Cindy: 30, JT 4:45, Nasty Girls: 6:15

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