Performance Care Segment 04/17/17

This weeks performance care segment brought to you by the Doctors over at the Active Life.

Increasing Wrist and Elbow Flexibility Through the Front Rack Stretch

Have an athlete that has a problem keeping their elbows up in the front squat? Maybe it’s their mobility. Here is a great stretch to work on front rack mobility. Have the athlete place their elbows around the bar like a front squat with a bar that has enough weight on it to where it will not move. Push the elbows up for 10 seconds and then tell the athlete to push down against your hands. After about 10 seconds of this tell them to release and it will bring about a great stretch.

Difference between block work and hang work

Athletes who struggle with explosively accelerating up the thighs will benefit more from block work as the bar starts at a dead stop. Inversely, because the bar is on block it eliminates the need for the isometric holding of the weight from certain positions before performing the lift. Newer athletes who have not developed correct positioning yet will benefit more from this type of work.

How to Get (and Coach) Better Double Unders

You either are an athlete who struggles with double unders, or you know an athlete who struggles with double unders. While this video is directed at coaches there is a lot of value for athletes who do not coach as well. If you or someone you know is struggling with double under proficiency. this video may be very helpful at uncovering why nothing has worked for you to date.
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