Brute Strength Affiliate Programming Offered With FitHive

Brute Strength and FitHive are excited to announce a collaboration that will bring some of the world’s best programming companies to one of the fastest-growing gym management software systems. Gym owners that use FitHive will have access to the Brute Strength gym programming at a click of a button. (WOD Calendar, Live Programming, Monthly PDF Access, Leaderboard Integrations, Max/PR Tracking, Workout Notes) This collaborative gym program will still be available to gyms outside the FitHive community via a PDF download. 

“Up to this point, our sole focus has been on helping thousands of individuals look and perform better and have helped hundreds of athletes reach the CrossFit Games. We’ve considered programming for gyms in the past, but it never completely lined up with our business model until now. With FitHive, you already have all the tools and resources for a gym to be successful, so it made a lot of sense to partner with them to deliver the program for us. Our team of world-class coaches can do what they do best, create amazing programming, and FitHive will provide the rest,” said Matt Bruce, Founder, CEO, and Head of Olympic Weightlifting Coach at Brute Strength. 

FitHive launched in 2018, and its goal from the beginning was to help gyms simplify their business by bringing multiple software into one complete solution. Joe Hazah, the Co-Founder of FitHive added, “Our goal at FitHive isn’t to only offer software that helps gyms; it’s to be a complete solution. With every partner we add, we’re giving gyms the tools to be more successful all in one place. Brute Strength was a no-brainer for us because they’ve been around for a long time and honestly have a team that is unmatched in the entire industry. The amount of knowledge and experience they have in the programming world has us excited to add them to our list of partners.” 

Brute Strength gym programming will be available on August 1st, 2022. Pre-sale is currently live with a 50% off first-month offer for anyone who signs up in July. CLICK HERE for more information or contact Brute Strength or FitHive directly.