Why you should be muscle snatching

Ever have problems with turnover in the snatch or keeping the bar close? This exercise is for you. Many people do muscles snatches, but are they performing them correctly?

Stop Using a Weight Belt

Unless you're in the 1% of athletes using their training as part of their profession, forget the weight belt and train without it.

Clean Pulls and the common faults

Pulls are necessary in any Olympic lifting programming. Clean pulls are so great in the fact that they allow us to go through all the positions of the clean and reach full triple extension at the top.

Five exercises to get you out of the sagittal plane

As crossfitters we spend a lot of time within the sagittal plane in our wods and training. What we mean by that is when you walk into the CrossFit gym you can just about count on the fact that you will be doing most of the exercises for the day in a 10x10 square in which your legs and arms typically only travel in one direction (up and down or forward and backward).

Clean Grip Overhead Squats

Got Mobility? Here is a great test for you: try to do an overhead squat with your clean grip. If you struggle to get even halfway with the clean grip this exercise could be a key factor in increasing your shoulder mobility.
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