A Protocol to Increase Hip Flexibility

A beautiful Squat is a beautiful thing, so improving yours should be something you are working on, or are about to start working on. The most common problem we see with people trying to improve their squat is that they treat it like a mobility game when really they haven’t determined if mobility is the problem at all.

Here is what we suggest if you can’t get yourself to or don’t want to get yourself to a competent professional local to you:

1. Work on increasing the range of motion you can control. – Basically we want you to add mobility but only in realistic situations. So rolling on a ball, or distracting with a band is fine, but then you need to get into the position that those modalities allow you to and stay there. Adding momentary range of motion is only good if you reinforce it.

2. Work on increasing your postural strength at end ranges. – You have spent all this time trying to add mobility and it only sticks around for a few minutes, your frustrated. Don’t be. You haven’t done anything wrong, you just haven’t finished the job. Just like there is a specific load and volume requirement to making adaptations in the gym, there is a specific load and volume requirement to making adaptations with your movement.

3. Work on increasing your force production strength at end ranges. – Take yourself to the very limits of your range of motion, and apply force in the appropriate direction. You have postural strength so you can maintain a position, but many of us get buried at the bottom of cleans. This is often due to the fact that when you squat your range of motion is very different than the range of motion you require to successfully complete a heavy clean.

Make sure you watch this video and give our protocol a try. We look forward to seeing your beautiful squat on Instagram soon.

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