Adrian Conway Vlog Ep. 1: Faith, Family, Fitness…..Why I started this channel.

I’ve always hoped to educate, inspire and entertain. This VLOG series will be a focus for that. I want to share my life and how I balance all that is going on in it. 

Being a father, husband, Co-founder of FNXfit, and coach with Brute Strength Training creates quite the adventure that I think many can relate to. 

This will also be a source of information and education of workouts, how to’s, tips and tricks, nutrition suggestions and even recipe’s I love. I’ve trained as a CrossFit athlete since 2011 and as a power athlete for most of my life prior to that.

This will be an inside look on how I combine my years as a strength and conditioning coach, CrossFit Seminar Training Staff member,  preparing for the CrossFit Games and mix it in with fun with friends.

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