Adrian Conway VLOG EP. 2: 6:58/ mile pace for HOW MANY MILES?

Another day at the grind…

In episode 2, I get into some sauna thoughts – Why being flexible with your schedule will serve you better than a rigid daily routine.

I also dive into some good ole fashion training from the Brute Games Prep program.

With a busy day on the books, I share some of my strategies to fit an entire day of training into one session while the kids are down for a nap.

Is it optimal? No… Did I get fitter? You bet.

Kicked it off with some easy Aerobic work, followed by some strength training. All of the squats and pressing were on the menu for the day’s session, and I share one of my strategies for getting stronger while saving time.

Wrapped it up with an AOT(Advanced Operator Training) Gymnastics Intervals and called it a day. Give this piece a shot if you’re looking for a short sweet anaerobic piece.


3 Rounds for time

3 Bar Muscle-Ups

10 Russian KBS 70/53 lbs.

3 Bar Muscle-Ups


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