Anti-Core Training: What it is and Why You Should Do it

It’s a common misunderstanding that the best way to develop a strong core is through core training exercises that focus on trunk-flection or extensions, like crunches and oblique-targeted workouts that often become repetitive.

Rather than bore yourself in the gym with the false assumption that you need to do a thousand crunches a day to maintain a six-pack, incorporate exercises that actively work to build and maintain your core muscles.

Ultimately, your nutrition is the most important aspect for getting (and keeping) that six-pack. But, as an athlete, there are certain exercises you can do to work your core — and that’s where anti-core training comes in.

Coach Adrian explains how understanding the role and purpose of your core muscles, along with modifications to common exercises, will give you better, more measurable results than crunches on crunches on cruches.