Are you Using your foam roller wrong?

Hi Brutes,

Foam rollers are ubiquitous with any type of fitness and are found in bulk laying around CrossFit gyms world wide. There is good reason for the abundance of foam available to roll on, they work, and so do screw drivers, just for something totally different. We made this analogy because we want you to start thinking about your foam roller differently. Think of it like a screw driver in the sense that it has a very specific purpose and for that purpose it is very well suited.

You wouldn’t use a screw driver to break down scar tissue, that’s pretty obvious, what’s less obvious is that you shouldn’t use a foam roller to do it either. Studies show that at best foam rollers may help with the modification of soft tissue structures (emphasis on the word “may”), when used consistently over the course of years. Hardly the result most people in CrossFit gyms are looking for. So what are foam rollers great at? Where is their sweet spot? The answer, fluid transport and nervous system modulation. When used correctly foam rollers do a supreme job at assisting your soft tissues at expelling unwanted waste left behind from exercise, the massage effect on the nervous system can cause relaxation. Relaxation is a good thing, unless of course you’re about to test a 1RM! Watch this video and learn how and when to use your foam roller for the most effective results.