Asia CrossFit Championship W1

Brought to you by Games Athlete and Brute Coach George Sanchez

Workout 19.1:

Chipper “Christine”

For Time:
1,500m Row
36 Deadlift (225/155#)
63 Box Jump Overs (24/20″)
Time Cap:15min

Breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed:

15min time cap, C2 rower, barbell, plates, ploy box .

Pacing advice:

If you saw the vote for this version on the traditional “Christine” this is definitely the faster option. That said, you could use a your benchmark time for this workout as a guideline, but expect this to be a little quicker as you will only be making 2 transitions in this workout compared to 8 in the 3 rounds for time version. The row in this workout should be approached with a little bit of reserve but not so much that you feel fresh getting off. I would plan to hold my 2k row PR pace for the majority of this and then start to pull back the last 100m to allow some space to gather breath and focus on those deadlifts. For those hoping to qualify Elite, these deadlifts are just a set up for the box jump overs. You’ll definitely need to have a smart break up plan on the deadlifts to truly attack the box jump overs. I like to work in descending rep schemes so 12-10-8-6 or 15-12-9 might be something to consider. Be sure to monitor rest and not just wait until you feel ready for the next set. Be strict with work and rest. For the box jump overs you’re going to want to find a rhythm early and ride that out for the majority of these reps. I personally think that 63 reps is too much to just ‘send it’ on even though it will be very tempting. Even if you’re great at rebounding these, you’ll want to be slightly conservative on the first 20 or so to find a solid rhythm and focus in on one point of the box. Don’t get distracted by anything around you because a missed jump here will hurt in more than one way. Once you find a rhythm here, it’s time to start trying to speed up the reps. Hold on and finish.

Camera setup:

Set up your camera so that you can clearly see the rower monitor and lockout of the deadlift.  Set up your bar close to your rower and box just on the back side of both. Just like the open you should make sure you stay in the frame at all times, battery space is plentiful, and disturbances are turned off.

Limiters/ sticking points:

-consistency on deadlifts and breaking work/rest properly

-trying to speed to finish too soon on the box jump overs


You could repeat this, but beware of the lingering posterior soreness that is certain with the high volume box jump overs especially if your plan is to rebound reps. Aside from muscle soreness, CNS should be able to recover in time for a second crack.