Athletes Struggling to get out of pain

“My _______ hurts, what should I do? Should I start a bulletproof program, add Romwod, spend more time stretching? I’m not sure what to do. This is one of the most common messages that we get from athletes worldwide in regards to their struggles. There are multiple problems with any approach to answering these questions in the manner they are asked. Assuming that something should be added because of discomfort or pain is a losing approach. Assuming something needs to be taken away can be equally detrimental. Typically when someone comes to us with a dysfunction that causes them to miss time or modify their daily routine we answer them with more questions than they sent us. We ask them questions that help us make decisions of where they fall on our athlete’s hierarchy of needs. The most important thing that athletes can do for themselves is come to determinations about where they are limited and start spending time working on it. While that sounds really non specific and common sensical, we think it’s undervalued and often poorly executed. Enjoy this video as we help you through the process.