• The pandemic outbreak of CV19 is the most significant event in most of our lifetimes.

    With fitness centers closing around the world, both CF Games athletes and the fitness enthusiast who does a 1-hour class 3-6 times a week have been forced to change not only the frequency of training sessions but the equipment, the volume, and the intensity.

    Sounds like a de-load to me.

    If you have a smart coach, they are strategically planning de-loads into your training cycle that allows for supercompensation.

    Supercompensation is a period in the training cycle where volume is decreased, intensity is reduced, variation is often introduced for “fun” and “change of stimulus” ie more unilateral work, equipment variation, and/or lighter weights.

    It is a time in the training cycle where rest is inadvertently programmed by reducing the time each athlete spends under tension. It is needed, it is highly underutilized, and now is the best time to embrace this forced change.

    But most de-loads only last for one week because of the pressure of the training cycle. Here we have a break in regular programming that may last months.

    Now economically for everyone, this pandemic is horrendous. I own a gym myself and we are facing seriously stressful times not knowing if and when we are able to re-open.

    So I know… no one wants to forcibly reduce their training, no one wants to lose the potential of earning prizemoney at international events, no gym owner wants to face bankruptcy, no one wants their freedom taken away and no one wants to be restricted from testing themselves in the gym or in a competition they have been dedicating so many hours to and are excited for…

    BUT….from a holistic perspective, so many athletes should take this time to:

    • heal injuries
    • take the pressure off their performances.
    • mentally relax
    • forcibly reduce load through joints that have never had such a long break perhaps for years.
    • take more rest days, take a week of rest and truly heal tissues and joints that need do simply do nothing.
    • reduce training volume to a level that is truly enjoyable without external pressure.
    • spend time doing the things they have been feeling neglectful of due to their training volume
    • improve their relationships that get neglected from time in the gym
    • plan what next year could look like after the reset button has been pushed.

    If the CrossFit games are canceled or postponed this year, could we potentially see a group of athletes in 2021 who has been rejuvenated from a forced de-load of months, hungrier than ever to showcase the improvements they have made and with fewer injuries than ever in the field?

    Only time will tell.

    A criticism of the Games is that it is an annual event and athletes in our sport burn out young.

    Many things can come out of this situation, so if you are one of the millions who is restricted from their usual training volume. Consider it a blessing in disguise.