brUTE Athlete Retreat

This is our version of a “seminar.” It’s an all-inclusive athlete experience where attendees will spend a weekend learning, training, and living alongside other remarkable athletes and the esteemed brUTE coaching staff, all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Lake Tahoe.Over the course of two days, attendees will receive hands-on coaching and guidance directly from members of the brUTE coaching staff, including: Chris Hinshaw, Matt Bruce, Nick Sorrel, Sean Pastuch, and Mike Cazayoux. Attendees will also have the opportunity to train alongside prominent brUTE athletes Tommy Hackenbruck, Adrian Conway, Jacob Hutton, and Brooke Ence, only two weeks removed from their appearances at the 2015 Crossfit™ Games.

At the end of each training day, which will be spent at different gyms and locations around Lake Tahoe, attendees will return to a beautiful lakeside home to relax, take in the scenery, and enjoy a home-cooked meal, specially prepared to meet each athlete’s individual dietary needs by head brUTE nutritionist, Krissy Mae Cagney.

The 2015 brUTE Athlete Retreat is the perfect opportunity to get a head start on the 2016 Crossfit™ season. Learn from the best while you live with the best in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

All participants will also receive the following:

  • Brute Strength Programming for 60 days which includes: 2 Weeks of Testing, Individualized Program, Personalized Endurance Program, Enter into Gymnastics Level System.
  • Personal assessment by Sean and 1 month free Mobility Programming
  • 2 Weightlifting Video Analyses by Matt Bruce and/or Jeff Wittmer
  • 2 Gymnastics Video Analyses by Nick Sorrell
  • Flexible Dieting 2.0
  • Macro Profile – Jump Starter Plans
  • brUTE Gear, Doughnuts and Deadlifts Gear, HVIII Brand Goods Gear, com Gear

About the Weekend

The house you will be staying at is in South Lake Tahoe. Here it is.

  • Everyone that wants his/her own bed will get one.
  • Some people may share rooms, but if you’re lucky you might get roomed with Brooke Ence.
  • Check in is at 4pm on Friday night and checkout is 10am Monday morning.
  • Participants choosing the all-inclusive option will be shuttled to and from the gym each day. All other participants will be responsible for his/her own transportation.
  • Yes, you are really going to get to throw down with some of the fittest on the planet.


Saturday, August 8th | South Tahoe CrossFit

Intro – 8-8:15 am

  1. Mobility with Sean (Active Life RX) – 8:15-9:45

    (5-10 min break)

  2. 2A. Gymnastics with Nick Sorrel 2B. WL with Matt Bruce
    1st Group 9:50-11:20 9:50-11:20
    2nd Group 11:30-1:00 PM 11:30-1:00 PM

    *After mobility the participants will be divided into two groups, A & B. Group A will start with Nick, Group B will start with Matt, and switch after 90 mins.

    (5-10 min break)

  3. Metcon with Tommy Hackenbruck, Michael Cazayoux and Jacob Hutton – 1:10-2:00 PM

    Classic CF WOD (couplet or triplet) preceded by warm-up, pacing and strategy considerations.

  4. LUNCH (2:15-3:15)
    *Krissy can give a brief, 30 minute Performance Nutrition lecture during this time.
  5. Endurance with Chris Hinshaw – 3:30-5:00 PM
  6. Off-site portion at Angora Lakes is located 4 miles (10 mins drive) from the gym. Arrive by 4:15, with running portion done by 5:00, finishing at Angora Lakes resort to enjoy some swimming, paddleboarding (optional), rock jumping, and beach time. Coaches, athletes and guests staying at the brUTE lodge will leave Angora Lakes around 6-6:30 PM for dinner and evening relaxation.

Lake Tahoe

The reward after the run.



Sunday, August 9th | CrossFit Avalanche


  1. Mobility with Sean – 8:00-9:30


(5-10 min break)


2. 2A. Gymnastics with Nick Sorrel 2B. WL with Matt Bruce
1st Group 9:40-11:10 9:40-11:10
2nd Group 11:20-12:50 PM 11:20-12:50 PM


*Groups A & B will switch starting locations today. Group A from yesterday will now start with Matt, and Group B from yesterday will start with Nick.


LUNCH (1:00-2:00 PM)
*Krissy can give a brief, 30 minute Performance Nutrition lecture during this time.


3. Endurance with Chris + Metcon – 2:15-4:00 PM

  • Drills/Skills + Workout portion will be conducted at outdoor rec area / soccer fields which are a half mile hike above CF Avalanche.

Lake Tahoe2

Concluding remarks – 4:30-5:00 PM

Post-seminar paddleboarding, beach time, BBQ (?) at Kings Beach or Carnelian Bay. Coaches, athletes and guests staying at the brUTE lodge have the option of staying for the duration of the post-seminar activities, or heading back to the house for dinner and free-time.

Lake Tahoe3

Nice way to end the weekend.