Brute Showdown Episode 1: Meet the Competitors

A weightlifter, powerlifter, bodybuilder and Crossfit athlete walk into an arena together — who wins? 🤔

We’ve teamed up with and Mark Bell Slingshot to explore that question, bringing you a competition like never seen before.

The events are as diverse as the competitors:

  1. Max Clean
  2. CrossFit Event: Grace
  3. Deadlift
  4. Physique Show
  5. Lucky 13 Burger Challenge
  6. Football Combine
  7. Soccer Ball Dribble
  8. Football Throw
  9. Batting Cage/Baseball Throw
  10. Knockout (Basketball)

Watch Episode 1 to meet the competitors:

Jacob Heppner

CrossFit Games Athlete, 2016 7th Fittest Man in the World

Steve Gentilli

Elite Powerlifter

Lawrence Ballenger

Fitness Model and Super Heavyweight Bodybuilder

Luis Javier Mosquera

Weightlifter, Bronze Medalist at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro

Who do you think will win? Stay tuned to find out. Starting next Wednesday, May 2.