Brute Showdown Episode 3: Deadlift, Physique Show & Burger Challenge

In Episode 3 of the Brute Showdown, we continue the battle between athletes from four different disciplines: Bodybuilder Lawrence Ballenger, Powerlifter Steve Gentilli, CrossFit Games Athlete Jacob Heppner, and Olympic Weightlifter Luis Javier Mosquera.

In this episode, the competitors complete events three, four and five:

  1. Max Deadlift — Athletes have 20 minutes to find their one rep max deadlift
  2. Physique Show — Competitors are graded on poses and muscle composition
  3. Lucky 13 Burger ChallengeWho can finish eating the Lucky 13 Burger (foot tall burger with house-smoked bacon, ham, cheddar, swiss, caramelized onions, Lucky 13 sauce and 28 oz of fresh ground chuck) first

Watch the whole episode to find out who wins each. If you entered our social media contest, the athletes’ combined max deadlift weight was: 2,245 pounds.

If you missed episode two with events one and two, you can watch it here.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode, where the athletes take on the next challenges. Coming May 16.