Brute Showdown Episode 4: All the Balls

In the final episode of this series of the Brute Showdown, Bodybuilder Lawrence Ballenger, Powerlifter Steve Gentili, CrossFit Games Athlete Jacob Heppner, and Olympic Weightlifter Luis Javier Mosquera complete the last five events — and someone leaves with a big badge of respect.

In this episode, the competitors complete these events:

  1. Football Combine
  2. Soccer Ball Dribble
  3. Football Throw
  4. Batting Cage/Baseball Throw
  5. Knockout (Basketball)

Someone makes a huge comeback and takes home the glory. Watch the whole episode to find out.

If you missed episode three, you can watch it here.

A huge thank you to and Mark Bell Slingshot for sponsoring this series with us. We cant wait for the next one 🤔