Brute Programming

  • Why a Teen Program?

    We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or even trying to make “fetch” happen, but we did make a program tailored to teens.

    Why? Well, sorry for the high school gym class spiel, but teens’ bodies are growing and maturing every day, and their training should take that into consideration.  

    So, Brute did a Brute thing and created a program just for the 18 and under.

    Our specialty coaches did their homework for the past 20+ years and created a program that’ll get teens trained for a future of crushing competitions.

    Get ready for the next generation of Brute badasses.

    Learn more about the Teen program or sign up here.

  • Track Day with Chris Hinshaw

    Check out Chris Hinshaw, Head Endurance Coach at Brute and a few Brute elite athletes as they crush track day with a 12,000-meter run just weeks before the CrossFit Games.

    “If you wanna know what it takes to be a champion — you get going too fast and you just can’t slow down,” says Coach Chris.

    Chris explains the strategic workout he gave the athletes and why it is so important to challenge them to an extent. If the workout doesn’t feel right to them and they need to stop, he never pushes them over the limit. “These are elite athletes; you can’t fake them out. They know what’s hard and what’s not,” he says.