Clean Video Analysis

How to use video analysis software such as Coach’s Eye and Ubersense to analyze technique for a clean.

In this video, we break down the technique of a clean of CrossFit Games Athlete Dani Horan. Below is a checklist you can use at home when breaking down other athletes’ technique.

Starting Position

  • Measure grip
  • Place feet hip width apart with toes just slightly pointing out
  • Place bar over the middle of the metatarsals bones (bar should be touching shins or almost touching the shins)
  • Secure the grip (hook grip)
  • Set the back: pinch shoulder blades together, create a steel rod in the back, chest out
  • Hips raised slightly higher than knees
  • Eye level looking straight ahead
  • Shoulders slightly over (ahead) bar
  • Slight arch in lower back
  • Pressure in the foot is placed on the back of the ball of the foot
  • Elbows pointed out towards the end of the bar
  • Wrists curled in

First Phase of the Pull (moment bar leaves floor until bar reaches knees):

  • Take a deep breath
  • Use legs coming off the ground (push the platform down with your legs)
  • Total body position remains constant and the only body parts extending are the legs
  • Hips and shoulders move at the same rate
  • Keep arch in the back
  • Eye level straight ahead
  • Wrist curled in
  • Elbows pointed out to bar
  • Pressure is on the back of the ball of foot
  • Keep bar in close to the legs throughout pull (keep pulling bar back toward body)
  • Keep arms straight (like steel ropes)

Second Phase of the Pull (as bar passes knee and until bar reaches hips)

  • Keep arch in the back
  • As bar crosses over the knees, hips are activated and brought forward while the bar is swept into the body until the bar reaches the power position (upper third of the thigh)
  • Eye level straight ahead
  • Wrists curled in
  • Elbows pointed out to bar
  • Pressure changes from back of the ball of foot to middle of foot and closer to heel
  • Bar will brush the thighs throughout the finish of the pull
  • Keep arms straight (like steel ropes)

Third Phase of the Pull: (Jump Shrug)

  • At the power position hips are now brought forward and up to transition into the jump shrug (scoop)
  • At the moment of the hips being brought forward and up, the athlete directs the motion straight up by changing pressure from middle of the foot to the toes while shrugging shoulders to ears with knees fully extended
  • It is important that the direction of the motion is straight up and not forwards or backwards
  • Elbows must never bend in t
  • he pull especially during this phase (Elbows bend…Power Ends!)

  • Eye level straight ahead
  • Wrists curled in
  • Elbows pointed out to bar
  • Keep bar in contact with legs throughout pull
  • Finish the pull
  • Make sure athlete gets as tall as possible with big shrug (“Pinch that pull”)
  • Bar stays close to body after final explosion occurs (“Keep bar under chest”)
  • Do not come up on toes too soon during pull. “Stay flat footed as long as possible” to generate maximal power.

Receiving of the Clean:

  • After full extension at end of pull phase shift feet out from hip width to shoulder width for catch – shift not jump
  • Bar travels straight up your chest
  • Rotate elbows up under bar to front squat position as fast as possible “Rack It”
  • Catch with 4 or 3 fingers in contact with bar
  • On catch meet the bar and guide it down – do not drop under.
  • This will lead to bar crashing on shoulders and the lift being missed and/or injury

  • Keep lower back tight for catch/chest up
  • Stand up like front squat and reposition if necessary for jerk phase