CrossFit Open Workout 19.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

19 wall-ball shots

19-calorie row

19.1 is here and it’s bringing the 🔥 🔥 🔥

This old-school AMRAP is one hell of a way to kick off the 2019 CrossFit Open season and Brute coaches Adrian Conway and Nick Fowler are walking you through how to approach it.

Step One: Set up your gear.

  1. Used to wearing weightlifting shoes for the rower? Bring those bad boys — that can be a great advantage for you. However, if that’s not something you normally do then stick with what you’re used to, the CrossFit Open isn’t a time for trying something new.
  2. Show up a little early and clean your rower out.
  3. Call dibs on the nice ball. Nothing like a lopsided ball to throw off your rep scheme.
  4. Put your phone on airplane mode and set up your camera (and your back up camera). Having to redo your workout because of a phone call interrupting your video is an Open Tragedy.
  5. Set up your rower near where you’ll be doing your wall-balls.

Step Two: Warm-up.

10-minute air bike buildup to aerobic pace

**Gradual buildup of pace until you reach 80%


2 Rounds

10 Groiners

10 Samson Lunges

10 PVC Pass Throughs

15 Second Handstand Hold

10 Banded Good Mornings



3 Rounds

12 Second Row @ +300cal/hr Pace of Workout

5 WB Front Squats

5 Strict Press Toss

5 Wall-Balls @ 19.1 Weight

Rest 60 Seconds



3 Round **Fast Transitions**

30 Second Calorie Row @ Workout Pace

8 Wall-Balls

*Focus is on transitions. Have your rower straps setup so that you can slip in and out without touching with your hands.

Step Three: Rest three minutes.

Step Four: GO!

Decide on your strategy before you begin. Pacing is going to be everything in this workout and can either make or break it for you.

Not happy with how you finished the workout? This one is definitely repeatable and you’ll be able to do it two times — maybe even three times.

For Adrian and Nick’s full strategy and warm-up tips, watch the entire episode above.

May the odds be ever in your favor 🙌