Deficit Work

Are you an athlete who constantly struggles shooting their butt up while initiating the pull off the ground. You may want to consider adding some deficit work to your program. Deficit pulls are a great tool for developing intermediate and advanced level lifters and are usually performed on a platform between 2-4 inches tall. A deficit can be used for cleans, snatches, or pulls. Doing pulls from a deficit is a great way to introduce the deficit to the lifter. They are the safest variation and can be used with a fairly significant load. One can start with 85%-90% of what the lifter usually performs pulls with. Deficit Pulls require the lifter to start with the hips slightly lower than when performing a normal lift. This engages the hamstrings and glutes more and forces the lifter the keep their butt down to successfully complete a lift. Many lifters who struggle with their butt shooting up when initiating the lift, and this is a great tool to fix this problem.