Do More Monostructural Work

Drop Your Barbells, Big Shot.

And by that, we mean it’s time for some monostructural work — hop on a rower, jump on a bike, go for a run. It’s not the sexy stuff. You probably won’t post it on your Instagram or Snap it to your latest Tinder match, but it’s the stuff that builds you a bigger engine. It’s the stuff that really counts.

Here’s why: high-intensity workouts are often varied. So, when you’re muscling through a workout and start feeling drained, it’s difficult to pinpoint which movements need improvement, or at which point you started slowing down.

So, whether you want to row or run or bike or swim, each of these exercises will provide you with clear, relative, and concise measurements so you can get a handle on your pacing. And then speed it up.

(Speaking of swimming, click here to read about all different benefits CrossFitters can gain from regular swim training, and how you can get started. It isn’t just for building an enormous engine or looking sexy in a speedo…your joints will thank you too.)

Sign up for our 7-day free trial on our Brute Compete program for individualized monostructural work with pacing specific to you, so that you spend less time guessing and more time building that aerobic base.

That’s it. Now go turn that little engine that could into a bigger engine that can.