Brute Pro: Who is this for?

    •  If you’re a competitive athlete that wants to improve your chances of getting to semifinal or improve your semifinal standings from last year
    • If you’ve tried tons of other programs and left injured or just didn’t get that much better
    • If you’re looking for a comprehensive program that helps you improve every aspect of your game
    • If you have the ability to train 2 sessions per day

This program is for very serious athletes. It takes 90 minutes to 4 hours per day and includes highly technical movements like Handstand Pirouettes, Legless Rope Climbs, Semifinal/ Games barbell weights. If you are dedicated to doing everything it takes to reach your goals, this is the program for you.

Brute Athlete (including Age Group): Who is this for?

  • If you’re a competitive athlete that wants to get better in Quarterfinals and local competitions
  • If you’ve tried tons of other programs and left injured or just didn’t get that much better
  • If you’re looking for a comprehensive program that helps you improve every aspect of your game
  • If you have 90 minutes a day to train

What is the difference between Brute Athlete and Brute Pro?

Brute Athlete is designed to focus on specific barbell movements, gymnastics skills and aerobic work found in the open and quarterfinals. This will include 1 training session that typically takes around 2hrs. The goal of this program is to dramatically improve your ranking in the Quarterfinals leaderboard. Whereas Brute Pro is focused on helping you qualify for a CrossFit Semifinal and/or help you be more competitive on the Semifinal stage. This will include 2 training sessions per day.

What makes you different from other programs?

  • The first thing is that we don’t specialize in making “fun” workouts. If you want fun then this program is not for you. We would recommend sticking with your local CrossFit gym, they are amazing at what they do and it’s almost always a great time. If you want to get better then it starts with very purposeful programming designed around your CrossFit Games season. 
  • No matter what community you join ie Pro or Athlete you will always have the chance to give us your quarterly feedback. This form is sent out 4x a year and helps us plan out the programming. It’s the closest thing to our 1on1 remote programming without the big price tag.

What does a typical day look like for Brute Pro and Brute Athlete?

  • Brute Pro check out the link HERE
  • Brute Athlete & Athlete 16-49 check out the link HERE

What happens if I get injured?

We do our best to make sure the programming is well balanced and no one gets hurt. However, people do get injured from time to time. If that happens to you we have a few options.

  1. We can set you up with a free consultation with our Brute Mobility and Injury Prevention team The Resilient Athlete.
  2. Your coach can give you subs for the programming to work around the injury.
  3. We can put your account on hold.

Will I need to add any extra programming or workouts to this?

We would not suggest supplementing anything else with our programs other than recovery-type work. We are confident that this is the absolute fastest way for you to progress as an athlete.

Can this programming get me to Semifinals or the CrossFit Games?

These programs can absolutely get you to Semifinals. They are similar to the same programming we use with our professional athletes Dallin Pepper, James Sprague, Fee Saghafi, Kelsey Kiel etc. Our Brute Pro programming has more volume than that of the Brute Athlete program.


Brute Body – What is it?

If you want to transform your body, you’ve come to right place. The goal of this program design is to be able to feel good, look good, and perform pretty damn well in and out of the gym! You can accomplish this, all while being able to lift some heavy weights, crush a metcon or hell even run a 1/2 marathon.

If you commit to this program by training 5-6 days a week, and follow our nutrition advice, then you will see some incredible results.

This is not a “CrossFit” program. Brute Body by Streat has structured upper and lower body days that include strength, accessory, metcons and core work. There’s even days with “extra” work if you find yourself with extra time.

We recommend completing the training in totality (including extra work) which takes 90 minutes or less.

Another option is to focus more on strength gains (so skip the metcons and still hit the extra work) which takes 60 minutes or less.

What equipment will I need to accomplish the Brute Body program?

If you have access to typical functional fitness equipment (like barbells, kettlebells, rings, rower, etc.) then you’ll be good to go.

What does a typical Brute Body training day look like?


3 Min Echo/Assault Bike
1 Min @ 2 RPE
1 Min @ 4 RPE
1 Min @ 6 RPE

3 sets
8 Air Squat + 8 Lunges
5 Inchworms to Double Push-Up
:20 Hollow Hold

Lower Strength

Front Squat
4×6-8 reps @ 6 RPE

Rest 3 Min
Focus: Control the eccentric down and feel a change of speed on the way up.

Lower Accessory

2 Sets
16 Alternating Back Rack Reverse Lunge @ 4-6 RPE
Directly Into…
10 Barbell Good Morning with 2-sec pause @ 4-6 RPE

Rest 2 Min
Goal: Use 1 barbell and rest after completing good morning.


Every 5:00 x 4 sets:
20/14 Calories on C2 Bike
15/10 Thrusters 115/75#
10/5 Bar Facing Burpees


Goal: You should have at least 1 minute of rest before the start of the next round. Look for unbroken sets or one break at most on the thrusters and move at the same pace on the burpees across the whole workout. Each round will get progressively more fatiguing but should never put you at a 10 RPE.


*There is a prescribed version and a scaled version of every metcon. The number on the left of the “/“ is the prescribed and the number on the right side of “/“ is the scaled. You have free range to pick and choose prescribed or scaled. We will give you a goal to achieve then you scale where you need to in order to achieve our goal.


40 Rower Pike-ups or Ab Wheel/Barbell Rollouts w/ a slow eccentric

How many days per week will I be working out on this program and how long will it take to complete?

The program calls for 5 days of working out per week and will typically take you 60-90 minutes a day.


How do I get started?

Visit our program storefront HERE

I’ve signed up now what?

Now you can download the Client App here. Use the same log in your created previously when signing up for a client account and your training will be ready waiting for you in the app.

Can I move or reschedule my training schedule?

  • Gone on holiday and missed a week? No problem, shift your training back in the App!

    Find how to do that HERE

How do I re-subscribe to a training program?

  • Super simple follow the steps HERE

How can I pause my subscription?

You can cancel and you can resume programming HERE.

More client related FAQs can be found HERE