Feet placement for the split jerk

Do you feel unstable in your split jerk? Are your feet always feeling as if they need to be somewhere else in your split? Maybe they should be! There is much to be said about different styles of jerks, but the vast majority of split jerks will fall into a very similar positioning. The front leg should be perpendicular to the ground and the back leg should have a slight bend in it. The back foot should be up on on the toe and pointed straight ahead. The front toe will be turned slightly inward for stabilization, but the body most times will naturally make this correction. Feet should land about shoulder width apart. A great way to find an optimal length for the stride in your jerk is to kneel on the ground in a lunge position so that the back femur and the front femur are perpendicular to the ground. Once you reach this positioning, then stand up halfway and you should be in an ideal jerk feet placement.