Final Phase of the Pull- From hips to extension

As the bar passes the knees, the torso then becomes vertical with the knees still slightly bent. At this moment the shoulders come behind the bar – weight shift to the middle of the foot – hips extend before the traps pull the body under the bar – elbows are still extended- at the final phase of the pull, the hips scoop under the bar so violently, this causes the athlete to reach triple extension (ankles, knees and hips fully extended)

Faults – pulling with the traps before the hips, not fully extending in an effort to “rush” under the bar, shoulders over the bar causing a catapult, coming onto the toes too soon

Comments – patience with the hips is key, hips THEN traps, keep tension on the bar, sweep the bar into the hip

Correctives – knuckles down, hook grip, and clean pulls