Fitness Hack: Take a cold shower every day

Ice Yourself

This health hack will throw you right back to your college days. Yup, we want you to ice yourself. Nope, not with Smirnoff (you’re welcome), but with cold showers. Why? Because of this laundry list of benefits:

Improves blood circulation

Helps close your pores

Makes your hair, skin and nails healthier

For men, improves fertility

Improved immunity

Accelerated muscle recovery

Boosts testosterone

Stabilizes mood

Don’t go straight Ice Bucket Challenge on us—take it slow. Commit to 3 cold shower days a week. When you hop in, wash your hair, clean behind your ears, go about your normal routine. Then, for the last three minutes, cool it down to a temp that’s slightly uncomfortable, and progressively make it colder and colder with every shower.