From the knee to the hip

Part 2 – Why keeping your shoulders over the bar at knee level is so crucial.

Shoulders stay over the bar – weight shifts towards the back of the feet – hips come forward to meet the bar – knees come forward. As the bar passes the knee it is essential the shoulders remain over the bar to keep tension on the hamstring. This tension will initiate a stretch reflex in the hamstrings, also called the double knee bend, to allow for max leverage into the bar. This tension also helps with bringing the torso vertical, such that the bar travels vertically at the finish of the pull.

Faults – lats not having enough tension, butt coming up, the knees stay back and the quads stay off, early arm bend, shoulders not over the bar enough

Comments – considering a good start, the tension throughout the body should remain throughout, if the arm bends the power ends, the butt stays down

Corrective Exercises – Below the knee pulls, Block snatches from below the knee and above the knee, Eccentric lowering of the bar to below the knee from the hang, all exercises focusing on keeping the shoulders over the bar.