Get to Know the Brutes – Mike Davis

Mike Davis was born at Cherry Point Naval Hospital in Havelock, North Carolina and was born into a military family with his dad being a Marine.  At around 2 years old, his family moved back to their hometown of Loranger, Louisiana where he has lived since.

Mike went to a private Christian school until about the 4th grade and was then homeschooled till high school.  Growing up a “country boy” he constantly worked on his grandfather’s dairy farm and played football throughout his whole childhood.

This type of hard working lifestyle was applied to his work ethic in football and he fell in love with the process of training through lifting weights and how it improved his football game.

In fact, his father bought him a full weight set with a rack and a Smith Machine at a very early age, and he insisted it was placed inside his room, literally taking up almost half of his room – the true meaning of growing up inside a weight room.

By the time he was in the fifth grade, he learned the word “hypertrophy” and became enamored in studying Health and Fitness magazines resulting in his love for the science behind training.

Soon after high school, he wanted to join the Marine Corps and knew he had to up his training in order to become the best Marine he can be.  Mike started adding in principles of CrossFit into his training which only furthered his love for fitness.

The Marine Corps solidified aspects in his personal life such as discipline, integrity and self sacrifice that helped him make better choices in his life moving forward.  After the Marine Corps, Mike knew what his drive in life was and pursued his Bachelor’s degree in exercise Physiology.  He has now obtained his Masters in Exercise Physiology and now pursuing a PHD in Exercise Physiology from LSU.

During college, Mike worked for several CrossFit gyms as a coach and also co-owned a CrossFit affiliate for a few years.  As Mike grew in his love and passion for CrossFit he was introduced to the Brute team in 2016 and the rest is history.

Starting off as an intern and eventually moving up within Brute to now the Head Coach for Brute Body and also Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning for all programs.

As the head coach of Brute Body, you’ll have full support from Coach Mike when you hop aboard the gain train.

If you’re looking to switch up your training and build an incredible foundation of strength and conditioning while carving an amazing physique with some good ole’ hypertrophy based programming, Mike’s your guy.

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