Grip and rack positioning going in for the jerk

Are you constantly finding it difficult to lock out your jerk? Do you find yourself commonly pushing the bar forward, because the bar is slipping off of your chest? Listen up! First let’s talk about the correct grip. For females, the grip should be in between and half of a thumbs length and a full thumbs length from the knurling on the bar. For males, the grip should be between a full thumbs length to a thumb and a half-length from the knurling. The differences in grip mostly has to do with both size and mobility. Typically, the larger and less flexible you are, you might prefer a wider grip. The smaller and more flexible you are, tend to lean towards a narrower grip. The elbow positioning for the jerk should be somewhat between a front squat and your military press rack position. To find the correct rack position for the jerk, simply start with your elbows up just like the front squat position and then open those elbows (push them outwards towards the end of the bar. Naturally the elbows should drop a bit, but this is ok. When going into the dip and drive phase, constantly remind yourself to keep your elbows “up and out.”