How to use Olympic lifting straps

Olympic weightlifting straps are quite different from conventional straps seen in a Globo Gym. Olympic lifting straps are simply only look of leather or fabric, cupped upward, and the ends either sewn or taped. To use these types of straps, simply keep the strap cupped upward, and bring the hand inside the loop from underneath the strap. Now that the strap is around the wrist, feed the end in between your thumb and pointer finger and pull tightly so its firmly on your wrist. Now take the end of the strap and feed the strap underneath the bar and then around the top such that the strap loops around the bar. One loop around the bar should be sufficient. Now grab the strap and bar with your hand, and turn the strap around the bar until the bar is strapped into your hand and the strap is firmly on your wrist. Now comes the trick part. You got one strap latched on, but your still got one more to go. It will take some practice doing this with only the use of one hand, but within a few weeks, you should be a pro at it.