Introducing Fall Brute Body Transformation Challenge Winner

We’d like to introduce you to Mitch Probert, winner of the 2017 Fall Brute Body Transformation Challenge! Mitch has been a member with Brute Strength since the very beginning. He worked through Brute Body Phase 1 and most of Phase 2, but then was sidelined with some health issues that prohibited him from continuing. After taking nine months off, he had put on some weight and lost all of the gains he had originally made. That motivated him to jump back into the program in April of this year. We chatted with Mitch and asked him to give us some insight into what this challenge meant to him.

1. What motivated you to sign up for Brute Body?
I initially joined Brute to gain strength in a number of areas. Coming from an endurance background I was always lacking in the pure strength area, especially in a number of core lifts. I had tried to work on this by myself, but never really made the jumps or had the diligence/overall sequence of programming to make the gains I wanted. So I signed up for Brute hoping to get further in this goal. I made some pretty good gains the first time around. So after my medical stuff cleared I knew what I needed to do to get that progress back and I signed up again.

2. How have you managed to stay on track?
Remaining focused on the end goal and the process has helped me stay relatively on track. I have not been perfect by any means. Life, stress and other things have gotten in the way a few times. But I have tried to not let those missed days or slip-ups deter me from the overall goal. I have tried to make my nutrition and daily training a non-negotiable as much as possible.

3. What do you find the most challenging about the program?
The time commitment is probably the hardest part for me to juggle on a normal basis. Brute body is a solid 90-mins each day, and sometimes more if you need longer to warm-up due to being stiff from previous training. Once you lock in that time though, the cyclical nature of the programming makes you always feel challenged. The wave cycle for example in phase 2 was a really challenging thing for me to achieve. But it builds upon itself which is nice. Right now I am in phase 3 and the 10×10 stuff is very intense but rewarding.

4. What’s your favorite part about the program?
The structure and support is probably my favorite part. Knowing other guys are suffering through this with me and being able to pick their brains on how they handled something has been a huge benefit. Combine that with the very clear structure it keeps you on track. I know for me and how my brain works having that daily hit list and knowing where I should be helps keep me pushing. As having that motivation and push can be tough when many times you are doing this all alone.

5. What changes did you see from the time you started to the time the Transformation Challenge ended (6 months into the program)?
The big changes for me were dropping weight and rebounding back to where I was pre-medical sidelining. Being able to nearly step back into the same maxes before I stopped so quickly and then keep progressing beyond them was very motivating. My pictures show a lot of the psychical transformation, but I made some pretty big strides in the mental and nutrition game this time around too. I spent more time working these areas since I knew they were lacking the first time I went through Brute. So I really honed them in and took the extra steps needed to get them in line.

6. What advice would you give to someone else who was considering joining the Brute team?
Most programs these days are hit or miss. Especially the online ones where the coach is not there with you on a daily basis. The Brute body program, however, gets very engaged with the clients. They understand they won’t be there with you most days so they make it a priority to build that dialogue with each client. Mike Davis (guys side) is a big part of this engagement and connection. He is consistently reaching out or challenging us as individuals. We consistently have people from the community posting about how they felt that day, looking for analysis of their form on a movement and talking through clarifications on weights/movement. We are all here to help each other and Mike has helped make this possible via numerous dialogues and discussions within the group, so we have grown together. If you are ready to make the commitment and be open and honest with the community you will get a ton out of it. Between the structure, the social engagement and accountability it is a great program.

7. What was your reaction when you found out you won the Transformation Challenge?
To be honest completely shocked. I know I had put in the work but really didn’t think I would win or even been in the running. I know a bunch of the other people had some amazing results as well. So shocked, to say the least.

8. What are you most excited about for the cruise?
Well, I have never been on a cruise so that will be a new experience. So seeing what a cruise is all about and just unplugging for a week is what I am most excited about. Anytime I can unplug like that gives me so much motivation when I do get back into the gym and life.