It is time to stop moving forward… Kind of

We often talk about various planes of motion and how important they are. We talk about how when you walk into the CrossFit gym you can just about count on the fact that you will be doing most of the exercises for the day in a 10×10 square in which your legs and arms typically only travel in one direction (up and down or forward and backward).

It’s time that Coaches start looking at movement differently. We don’t live our lives 100% of the time in a 10×10 box and we certainly spend a lot of time twisting and moving laterally. Maybe more importantly we spend a substantial amount of time resisting directional force, so shouldn’t our workouts reflect that? It’s time for the workouts that are being programmed in gyms to become more creative and more “functional”. Life is not a barbell that is symmetrically loaded bilaterally with an easy to grip knurl. Life is moving boxes into and out of houses, up and down stairs. Life is picking up a toddler. Life is chopping wood to make a warm fire. CrossFitters keep saying “This is functional training for the real world”, but is it? Watch this video and learn some fun, effective, and creative ways to integrate multiplayer movement into your workouts every week.