Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems with 15.2

As Biggie Smalls said back in the day, “it’s like the more money we come across the more problems we see.” In 15.2, the mo’ pull ups and squats you can do, the mo’ problems you have. And all of a sudden, within one round those more reps are going to jump on you. The key to doing well in this workout is completing the Money Maker Round.

The weird part is the ease of the first rounds. You are going to start the workout doing something relatively easy and stand there for 90 secs. For a lot of you the 2nd and maybe even the 3rd round is going to be easy. Then what I call the “money maker” round happens. This is the round that everything changes. It happens quick, and you better be ready for it if you want to move past it.

Money Maker Round and how to get through it – Let’s take an athlete that has a shot at making it through three rounds. The first round is going to be easy. Maybe 90 secs of rest. The second round is going to be fairly easy. Maybe 60 sec of rest. This athlete paced nicely by breaking up pull ups way before failure and is taking plenty of time between movements. The next round is not going to be so pretty. It changes that quick. AND YOU MUST BE READY FOR IT. You must instantly change your mind set, attitude and every which way you look at this workout. It’s time to switch the music from Ryan Bingham to Drake (get someone to actually do that for you). For this athlete, the Money Maker round is the 3rd round. It must be looked at like an entirely different workout. It’s the playoffs. You’ve been lolly gagging through two rounds with the JV squad (which was fine, that’s the plan) but now it’s time to step it up. This will be three minutes all out — think of Fran. Sure you are still going to follow broken rep schemes but there is no more breaking overhead squats because your legs burn a little or walking away from the pull up bar between reps. You have got to stay on it if you are going to advance. Now, this round may be round two, four or five for some of you. But it’s going to happen. I’ve never seen a workout where your mindset must change so drastically. This paragraph might have had some repetitiveness, but it is crucial that you understand the change at the Money Maker round and adapt. Don’t let the Money Maker Round be the last round. I’ll call the last round…um, Hell. So here is some advice on making it through.

Muscle endurance plays the biggest role here. How do we delay fatigue? Here are four points:

  1. Break up your reps

    Break them up early. Most of you should be fine on overhead squats. Pull ups will be the issue. There is no reason to rush through the first rounds. It’s like running a 400m every 3 minutes for as long as possible. You wouldn’t go out and sprint it then rest 2 minutes. You would pace yourself. Here are some rep strategies (This is only a suggestion. If you see another strategy you like better, go for it.). Never, never, never go close to muscle failure unless you are trying to beat the clock at the end.

    Plan to complete 2 rounds:

    Rd1 : 6 – 4 ohs & 3-3-2-2 pull ups/6-4 ohs & 2-2-2-2-2 pull ups
    Rd2: 6 – 6 ohs & 3-3-2-2-2 pull ups/4-4-4 ohs & 3-3-2-2-2 pull ups
    Rd 3: Go for it!

    Plan to complete 3 rounds:

    Rd1 : 10 ohs & 5-5 pull ups/10 ohs & 5-5 pull ups
    Rd2: 12 ohs & 6 – 6 pull ups/12 ohs & 6-3-3 pull ups
    Rd 3: 14 ohs & 7 – 5 – 2 pull ups/8 – 6 ohs & 5-4-3-2 pull ups
    Rd 4: Go for it!

    Plan to complete 4 rounds:

    Rd1 : 10 ohs & 5-5 pull ups/10 ohs & 5-5 pull ups
    Rd2: 12 ohs & 6 – 6 pull ups/12 ohs & 6-6 pull ups
    Rd 3: 14 ohs & 7 – 7 pull ups/14 ohs & 5-5-4 pull ups
    Rd 4: 16 ohs & 7 – 5- 4 pull ups/10 – 6 ohs & 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 2 pull ups
    Rd 5: Go for it!

  2. Delay muscle fatigue by good mechanical position

    That’s why you may need to wear your Oly shoes. It gives you that upright torso and external rotation to save your shoulders. It’s all about getting through the overhead squats; not as fast but as efficiently as possible.

  3. Test out a closer grip on overhead squats

    If it feels comfortable, use it. It will save your shoulders.

  4. Keep the crease of your elbows up during overhead squats — external rotation.

The mental aspect could be one of the toughest there has been. One, because of the drastic change. Two, because the better you do, the more it’s going to hurt. You know what they say…”Mo Money, Mo Problems.” The biggest part is being prepared for the mental side. Envision yourself changing pace for the Money Round. See yourself getting those last 3 reps on pull ups just in time to get to the next round.

Other quick tips

If you can full snatch the weight and immediately be in a good position, do it. If it takes you a few reps to settle in with a snatch, just power snatch it. The 2 seconds saved is not worth doing 3 reps with poor mechanics.

Take care of your hands! Half the athletes I’ve worked with ripped on this workout. Most of these athletes said they never rip.

When you get to the Money Round or start having trouble on pull ups, do not rest after overhead squats. Immediately knock out a few pull ups even if it’s just 2 or 3. That will give you an extra 10 seconds of rest between later pull up reps, which is huge.

You may not realize it until you’re finished, but grip strength plays a huge factor. Do everything you can to save it. Hook grip in the pull of the snatch then lightly grip the bar overhead.

Tight, tight, tight hollow body on pull ups!!

Do not set the bar down on overhead squats. Simply drop it to your back to rest when needed.

Breathing! You hear this all the time, but don’t brush over this paragraph. Breath at the top and bottom of squats. I bet you have never paid attention to your breathing in pull ups. In warm ups, develop a pattern and stick to it. Have someone remind you of your breathing pattern during the workout.

Warm up

30 minutes should do here. And it is going to be very specific in terms of energy systems used during 15.2.

  1. Row 3 min at an easy pace
  2. Banded shoulder, lat and ankle mobility for 8 -10 minutes.
  3. Row: 3 rounds of 30 sec slow, 30 sec at 500m race pace (this will simulate the workout)
  4. Barbell Complex with 45/35
    5 rounds of 3 power cleans, 3 front squat, 3 press, 3 back squat, 3 behind neck press
  5. Row: 2 rounds of 30 sec slow, 30 sec at 500m pace (2 min total)
  6. Barbell Complex with 45/35
    2 rounds of 5 reps of muscle snatch, snatch press behind neck, overhead squat, snatch balance, sots press, full snatch
    Complete 6 -10 ring rows after each round
  7. Row: 1 round of 30 sec slow, 30 sec at 500m pace (2 min total)
  8. Workout specific:
    2 rounds:
    5/3 CTB pull ups
    5 overhead squats