Prioritize High Intensity OVER Accessory Work

Let’s throw it back to elementary school for a super quick vocab test.

  1. Accessory: a minor thing that can be added to a major thing.
  2. Accessory work: minor workouts that can be added to your major workouts



Gold star.

Unless you flip flopped it. Accessory work should never be the majority of your fitness routine.

Remember your roots: high intensity, power output workouts.

That’s the good stuff. The stuff that’ll get you climbing up the leaderboard.

And that’s the goal, amirite?

Accessory work—single arm strict press, upright pulls, bent over rows—they help build a sound structure. They’re important.

But what’s more important? Giving that structure some power.

Remember, high intensity THEN accessory.

For strength training that doesn’t suck download these 32 accessory workouts and warm-ups  here.