This program is the proven blueprint designed to get you from watching Nationals on your couch to standing on the platform yourself. Whether you are a pure weightlifter or a competitive exerciser looking to get stronger, this is the fastest way to improve.

What You Get

  • An accomplished professional coach and team to train with
  • Support for every aspect of your training
  • PR's in everything from Snatch to Front Squat
  • Comfort knowing you are training with experts

How it works

This is a comprehensive weightlifting program for pure weightlifters as well as Crossfitters. After you go through the testing period, our experts assess your strengths and weaknesses and design a program to suit your specific needs.

Who it's for

This program is for very serious athletes. If you are dedicated to putting in the time in the gym then this is for you. If you want to improve your snatch, clean and jerk, squat, press,etc. this is for you.

Who it's not for

If you want a quick fix to your Oly lifts or some magical program that will make you as strong as Klokov in 8 weeks, look somewhere else.

What makes us different

There are plenty of free programs out there that can absolutely give you results. What they'll also give you, unfortunately, are holes in your game. With mostly just random workouts, you'll find yourself left on your own to figure out a lot of the information for yourself.

We don't cut corners, so you can.

With Brute, all of the work is done for you.

Your strength and technique will both improve faster because we meticulously plan every single progression, training block, and exercise for you. Unlike others, we also include a balanced warm-up that consists of injury prevention and movement prep exercises. That way you can focus on becoming the best athlete you can, while we focus on getting you there.

What you can expect

You'll become the best athlete you've ever been after using our programming. With experts in each field coaching you, you will grow as an athlete in every area of the sport. Most importantly, you can expect your best performance in the Open, Regionals, and, ultimately, the Games thanks to:

PR's after PR's after PR's

  • Expert Olympic Weightlifting Coaching

    A good program is essential to increasing your max snatch and clean and jerk. However, coaching is the most important component in weightlifting. Your coaches Matt Bruce and Jeff Wittmer are two of the best American weightlifters of the last decade. Having combined for 10 World team appearances and multiple national championships, these two know technique. Through the online private Brute Strength Oly team community, you can get video analysis and other weightlifting tips from these experts.

  • A Proven Method

    Our style of training has lead to multiple national champions and international medalists. Coach Matt Bruce has made 7 World Team appearances for the U.S., and Coach Wittmer has made 3.

What our clients say

3 Different Ways to Get Started

A $519 Value
  • Great to supplement with your WODs

  • 3 Workouts a week specifically designed for you to improve your entire game as quickly as possible ($47/month value)

  • Technique videos for the entire weightlifting program Professionally shot videos of hundreds of progression and tip videos ($399/month value)

  • Technique and Video explanations for every single workout ($47/month value)

  • Weekly Tip Videos covering common faults and fixes for lifts ($26/month value)

A $788 Value
  • Everything in our RX Program plus...

  • 4 Week Assessment – A more in depth assessment to better assess strengths and weaknesses ($29 value)

  • 5-6 Workouts a week specifically designed for you to improve your entire game as quickly as possible ($67/month value)

  • Brute Oly Team Community – Access to the private Brute Strength Oly Pro team Facebook group where you can get videos analyzed, tips, tricks, and other feedback from coaches. This will also help you build connections and accountabilities with other members. ($87/month value)

  • Peaking Schedule – Have all your training revolve around your next big meet. ($39/month value)

  • Video Analysis – Fix your technique by getting videos analyzed from within the Facebook group each week. ($47/month value)

A $1,136 Value
  • Everything in our Compete Program plus...

  • Fully Individualized Training Program. With the Pro option we will individualize your program even further adding in corrective and assistant exercises for your specific weaknesses as well as help you prepare for and taper for competitions. We can even give you your attempts for meets. ($149/month value)

  • 1 Weekly Check-In with your coach via e-mail. Get feedback on how you are progressing, get advice on how to improve faster, nutrition advice, help with injuries, etc. ($99/month value)

  • A program designed to suit your needs, rather than a generic, one size fits all, program

  • Percentage based weightlifting and strength building designed by Matt Bruce, a 7x World Team weightlifter for the USA, and Jeff Wittmer, also a multi time National Champion and USA world team member.

  • Structured warm-ups to prevent injury ($17/month value)

  • A structured technique and strength program that has proven to develop some of the strongest weightlifters from the U.S.

  • Discounts on Brute Nutrition and Performance Care (our in-house mobility and injury prevention team) ($85/month value)


Join Brute Oly

$519 value
$788 value
$1,136 value

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