Should Olympic Lifters Bodybuild

The short answer to this- yes. While isolation exercises are seen in the functional fitness community as sometimes ridiculous and outdated all of these exercises have their place. For both weightlifters and cross fitters when trying to gain mass high rep hypertrophy work can put you ahead of the game. Not only do high rep isolation exercises offer hypertrophy, but also structural balance. Many people suffer a right-left imbalance which causes them pain or creates movement issues. This can easily be solved with the correct dose of isolation exercises. Not only this, but in certain scenarios bodybuilding rep ranges can be used to create a strength base. Performing squats, deadlifts, rows, and other strength movements in the 8-12 rep range will create a solid base of which to fall back on. During a more strength based cycle the focus is using reps to create a large amount of volume. Later on, when the intensities of the lifts are higher this base of volume will ensure they can handle the cycle well. In bodybuilding, lots of eccentric work is used as well as volume. Eccentric work has numerous benefits for any athlete. Eccentric work with any movement will create higher levels of tendon strength which can be used to bulletproof an athlete from overuse injuries such as tendinitis. Also, eccentric work creates more muscular tears than just a regular lift, so it can be used to gain mass.