Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement is often diagnosed, modified for, and unfortunately mismanaged. You might have shoulder impingement, it’s common so there would be nothing surprising about it, the tragedy is that most people who experience it are told by their doctors that CrossFit and overhead lifting in general are a bad idea for them. What we usually find is that the reason people have shoulder impingement in the first place is because of how poorly they upwardly rotate their scapulae. We work with shoulder impingement clients every day. In many cases these clients also have labrum tears and or rotator cuff tears. The most important thing we prescribe to them is improved upward shoulder rotation exercises like high pulls and overhead presses. Notice what I said there, overhead presses, not jerks or snatches. Check out the video associated with this blog post and learn about how to improve your shoulder impingement problems!