Squat every day?

Squat every day? This idea has become increasingly popular as squat everyday programs are floating around in the functional fitness community. It is certainly possible to squat every day and it has its benefits, such as rapid and large anabolic responses in the body (getting big fast). However, it is not necessary for strength gains. If you truly break down a weekly training session in terms of movement patterns most programs are having you squat everyday already. Think about it, if you performed heavy cleans you have just performed a type of squatting. If you went heavy, this theoretically should be around 90% of your best front squat. So in essence, you did squat that day. This also holds true for overhead squats, snatches, step ups, etc. These are all forms of squatting. I challenge you to look at your program from this angle, and you might find out that you are already “squatting” every day. If you still really would like to squat every day you must remember one key fact. Your body CANNOT handle 2 days of squatting at 100% it is just not feasible. The way to perform squats every day is by undulating the percentages on a daily basis. One day you might go for a 100% triple on back squats, and then the next day perform sets of 5 at 70 percent of what you performed the triple at the day before. The volume of squatting everyday can injure you if you do it wrong.