Strategies for Dubai Online Qualifier 2018 Week 3

Dubai 18.3

Brought to you by Games Athlete and Brute Coach George Sanchez

This is a 20 min AMRAP ascending ladder

9 Cal row
9 Double KB snatch
15 Cal row
15 Double KB snatch
21 Cal row
21 Double KB snatch
27 Cal row
27 Double KB snatch
33 Cal Row
33 Double KB Snatch
39 Cal row
39 Double KB snatch
45 Cal row
45 Double KB snatch

Kettlebell weight: 2x24kg /2x16kg

Workout breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed

20 minute AMRAP, pair of kettlebells(24/16kgs), Concept 2 rower

Pacing advice:

First impression of this workout is A LOT of hinging and holding on for 20 minutes. In your warm-up you’re going to need to make sure you prep these movements and get really warm and sweaty before diving into this thing. Think of your warm-up as a ramp up to your workout pace and intensity. 20 minutes is going to seem quite a bit longer compared to what you’ve done thus far so pacing needs to be your number one priority when strategizing for this workout.

Think back to CF Open workout 18.1 and remember the pace you held for those 14 cals each round. Your row pace on this workout should be similar if not the same. If you did not compete in the open this year, then your row pace should look like something that is sustainable for this time domain, but one that still challenges you to hold onto. You should not feel like you’re rowing at a super aggressive pace on this until the final minutes. The beauty of the rower is that you really won’t be breaking up your reps so once you set that goal pace, be prepared to fight for it in the later rounds and perhaps the need to settle for just a little bit slower than what you start with. I would also set up your foot straps so it’s an easy in and out for your transitions. Just keep moving. On the KB snatch we’re looking at an ‘odd’ movement that most have probably not seen a whole lot of in their day to day training. You will definitely be breaking the sets up here and most might want to consider doing that in the very first set. The KBs are not allowed to touch your body on the way up or on the way down, and every rep after your first from the floor may come from the hang. Set out with a plan here and dictate when you will break each set and for how long. You don’t want to get caught up reaching for a giant UB set, getting set off balance, and ending up bent over gasping for air. This movement can be tricky, but if you’re using your levers to your advantage then swinging and resetting these reps will be much easier. Grip will eventually become a factor in this workout so make sure you have a plan when the kbs start to feel like they’re slipping! Practice breathing and swinging with ascending weights in your warm-up to make these as smooth as possible. Again, 20 minutes is a long time to work on this couplet and the majority of your time will be spent on those double kb snatches. Pace pace pace and finish strong!

Camera setup:

Videos are required and must be uncut and unedited. The athlete may upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or Google Drive and need to make sure that the sound respects the copyright rules of the platform chosen.

All submission videos must clearly show the athlete’s Judge throughout the workout.

To make sure the video is valid, the athlete needs to specify his/her name, the equipment and the weights used during the workout (by showing them in the video) and the score at the end (time or repetitions). It is the athlete’s responsibility to position the camera so that the timer, all the movements and their standards can be evaluated correctly.

Make sure you reset your monitor for each round of the calorie row, and that your screen can be seen clearly in your video.

Limiters/ sticking points:


  • Consistency on the KB snatches
  • Proper pacing on the rower
  • Grip fatigue in the later rounds



Yes, because it is very easy to blow a pace in this time domain and the local muscle endurance fatigue can be recovered from in a day or two. Most will consider doing this twice.