adrian conway

  • Dubai 18.1

    Brought to you by Games Athlete and Brute Coach George Sanchez

    Part A

    0:00 – 10:00
    60 Double Unders
    10 Thrusters
    60 Double Unders
    20 Thrusters
    60 Double Unders
    30 Thrusters

    Part B

    5 rounds for time
    30 Double Unders
    15 C2B pull-ups

    Workout breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed

    • 20:00 clock (10:00 for each part),
    • Barbell
    • Clips
    • Weights
    • Pull-up bar

    Pacing advice

    Break the seal before you start! Get that heart rate up in your warm-up and just minutes before you start this workout because it will be there very quickly in this workout. Part A has a whole lot of thrusters so you really need to make sure you are honest about your ability of doing thrusters at this weight and don’t be lured into go UB if this is going to push you past your threshold especially in the first 2 sets. Make those breaks before you need them and your rest time will be much shorter than they would if you break when you feel like you HAVE to. A break on either of these movements is a calculated rest of 2-3 breaths or maybe it’s :05 and then we’re right back to work. On the double-unders, you are going to benefit most by keeping these as easy as possible and trying to use this as your recovery. If 60 reps is near your max UB then we want to think about a quick break somewhere in the middle to keep you moving efficiently.

    During your rest between the two workouts, we need to keep some light blood flow going especially through your arms. We just spent several minutes with a bar in our hands and doing double unders and now we’re going to have to dig a little deeper to hold up our own bodyweight on the rig and of course do more double unders. This workout is all about those pull-ups and not so much in the first two rounds, but really in the last 2-3. You’re knocking out 75 C2B pull-ups in this workout so when you get somewhere near your max set UB, things are going to start to change, fatigue is really going to set in, and you’re going to need a plan for that as it happens. I’m a big fan of taking breaks early and often so we can make sure you’re constantly moving instead of letting your fatigue dictate your rest for you later on.

    Camera setup:

    Profile view of barbell and pull-up rig to ensure full lockout at the top and that the chest is making contact with the bar. Make sure you can also see your feet in the frame!

    Limiters / sticking points:

    1) Grip and breathing on both part A and B
    2) Consistency in double unders, and realistic expectations of your ability under this type of intensity and volume


    Yes, if it is the first workout you do and are not doing the WZA qualifiers. If you are then consider resting at least one day in between attempts. Otherwise the number of muscle contractions and intensity of this one will linger for a couple days if you’re not used to it!


  • WZA Online Qualifier Workout 1

    Brought to you by Games Athlete and Brute Coach George Sanchez

    For time:
    150 Double Unders
    60 Wall-balls
    30 C2B Pull-ups
    150 Double Unders
    12 minute time cap

    Workout breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed

    12 min time cap, jump rope or barbell (scaled), medicine ball (20/14#), 10/9ft wall target, pull-up bar

    Pacing advice:

    Pacing this workout, just like any other, will vary from person to person based off of limitations, but keeping breathing under control through your first set of double unders, through the wall-balls and into the c2b will keep you moving quickly and efficiently. If you are proficient at double-unders and can do 200+ UB you should plan to hit these UB on the front and back side of this workout. If your max set of DUs is less than 125, then we need to work in rep schemes that make sense and that you CHOOSE to break up instead of being surprised or frustrated when you trip. I like the idea of descending rep schemes and getting at least halfway through the work before I decide to break. This might look like 75/50/25 or maybe 60/50/40. Whatever you decide, you have to commit to continuing to work if an unexpected miss happens and to keep calm, cool, and collected anytime you have a rope in your hands.

    For the wall-balls, if you’ve been training with a heavier ball (30/20) then this should have you drooling. If you’ve got 100+, 20/14 unbroken wall-balls in the past then we’re looking UB here again. If not, we’re again looking at a number that can easily be broken into manageable sets as long as you commit to your rep scheme and keep that rest short (30/20/10 or 40/20 with 3 breaths during rest then hands on the ball and go).

    The volume on the C2B is really not that much, but if you haven’t been practicing these with a higher heart rate, then coming off of 60 wallballs will stir your confidence in completely attacking this part of the workout. One of the greatest parts about all of these movements is that quick breaks will not cost you as much as they would in a OH barbell movement or something like a ring muscle up. Athletes with 50+ UB C2B pull-ups should consider going UB if they are confident in their ability to go right into the final set of double unders. If not, we’re still looking for quick and manageable sets here with a high sense of urgency because we’re in the final couple minutes of this workout now. Try to fight the urge of biting off more than you can chew by doing a large set then resting too much to get the rest done. Again, I really like the idea of breaking your sets into descending reps or achieving that ‘halfway’ mark and cleaning up the rest. Gymnastics ability will shine or suffer here as we move into the final set of dubs.

    You made it.. get a BIG exhale, drop those shoulders and keep your hands low for the final set of double unders. If you’re going to take a chance in this workout then this is your place to do it, just try to remember what I said earlier. We need to work in rep schemes that make sense and that you CHOOSE to break up instead of being surprised or frustrated when you trip. If you trip, take a step forward, keep your head up and get right back to work. This isn’t the time to feel sorry for yourself for that 1-2 trips in the first round of double unders or that fourth set of c2b you ended up doing. Finish strong with your head held high.

    Camera setup:

    If you’re using a phone, set it to ‘do not disturb’ and make sure you have plenty of storage and battery before starting. I like to record my final warm-up steps just to make sure I’m capturing everything I need to. Here, we need to be able to clearly see a timer if not using a timer app, full depth of squat and WB line target, and I would use a profile of view for C2B so the person watching can clearly see your chest make contact.

    Limiters/ sticking points:

    1) Double under consistency and breathing mechanics through all movements.

    2) Chest to bar pull-ups and final set of double unders


    Yes. If executed first thing on Friday morning, this could easily be repeated over the weekend or on Monday before the deadline. If you’re doing multiple qualifiers at the same time, then no.. there’s too much volume.

    WZA Online Qualifier Workouts 2 & 3

    8 Minute Clock

    Workout 2 / 0-3 Minute

    Max Rep Clean & Jerk (165/115) Scaled (95/65)

    Transition / 3-5 Minute

    Workout 3 / 5-8 Minute

    1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk

    Tie Breaker: Workout 2 score is the tie-breaker for Workout 3 & Workout 3 score is the tie-breaker for Workout 2

    Workout breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed

    8min time cap. Barbell, plates, clips

    Pacing advice:

    Single modality workouts are a beauty because there is no place to hide. In this case, it’s just you and the barbell and an 8:00 clock for a lot of clean and jerks. This workout is very different from last years workout 1 as the loading and time domain is significantly shorter AND there’s some rest 🙂 The loading on the bar will affect your pace plan so you really have to know what your capable of and where this weight lies in relation to your 1RM. Three minutes is not a long time but it’s still long enough that you have to have a strategy in mind and prepare to do whatever it takes to stay close and get your hands back on your bar. If you’re thinking about going touch and go reps, then you will need to create a realistic rep scheme that works for you and have a plan if that falls off. Most will eventually go down to singles near the last minute of this and again you will need to make sure you’re not taking any extra steps away from your bar. Those with the capacity will be aiming to simply get after it for W2 and then end above 90% of their max in W3. If this weight is on the heavier side for you, then create a time goal for how many reps you will complete. This might look like 1 rep every :15 or 2 every :30.

    For W3,. A good rule of thumb here is to build to a heavy lift in your warm-up (80-90% of your 1RM) and plan to hit your first lift somewhere around 70%. By this point you’ve done so many clean and jerks that the movement doesn’t need to be ‘warmed up’. Rather, you need to get that first lift in as clean and crisp as possible to reinforce those positions you need to hit a true max clean and jerk. A power clean or squat clean may be used here, but I think your posterior may not be ready to pull a max power clean so keep that in mind when choosing how you will lift. Don’t wait until you have the bar at your knees to decide if you’re going to power or squat. Commit to that bar and execute. Your second lift should hopefully land you somewhere around 90%. Depending on time left, you will probably only have time for 3-4 lifts during this entire window so make sure that your bring that intensity to each lift and make them count!

    Camera setup:

    If you’re using a phone, set it to ‘do not disturb’ and make sure you have plenty of storage and battery before starting. Make sure you get a profile view of you and your bar so it is clear that you are getting that bar over your head completely in a locked out position. A timer needs to be visible or download one of the timer apps out there.  

    Limiters/ sticking points:

    1) Inefficiency in barbell cycling

    2) That last 1:30 of W2 will be a grind. Lean in and don’t stop working!


    Yes. If executed on Thursday or Friday, but only if you have complete rest and active recovery work between attempts. This isn’t one that should be repeated on back to back days.